Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad news for the transfer tax in Durham County

Durham County, one of a handful of counties prepared to put a transfer tax on the ballot this fall, just released the results of a poll conducted to gauge the opinion of Durham County voters on the transfer tax, sales tax, and other bond referenda. The news is not good for transfer tax proponents.

Only 23% of respondents favor a .4% land transfer tax. Meanwhile 58% are willing to vote for a quarter-cent increase in the sales tax. According to the state budget pass earlier this month a county can choose to have either the transfer tax or the sales tax increase, but not both, and only if it passes a county-wide referendum first.

Durham County also has a $195 million school bond on the ballot this fall. Support for the bond hovered around near 50% in the survey. 45% support the bond without a sales tax increase, and 51% support the bond with the sales tax increase.

The poll was conducted between August 10 and 20 by Hertzog Research. There were 365 respondents for a margin of error of +/- 5.1%.

This information comes from the News and Observer. I am currently attempting to get a complete copy of the results. You’ll get more information on this poll when I see more results.

*Something to think about…this poll was of all Durham County registered voters, not likely voters in an odd-year election. That is a much different electorate, but nevertheless the results don’t look good for the pro-transfer tax crowd.

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Unknown said...

Braun Research is engagned in the most annoying telemarketing (aka "consumer survey") telephone campaigns. I'm currently a nightly victim of their annoying calls, or worse hang-ups. Demands they block a number are ignored. They say its a "computer glitch" that causes the same number to be called nightly even after they have noted it DNK. The call center supervisors (if you can get one before the line goes dead) tell you they are not required to comply with FCC do-not-call lists because they do "surveys" not solicitations. And worse, once they have your number, they never stop! Google their name with "harrassment" and you see the links to all the complaints that date back at least two years!! They do work for everyone. Corporate America, Cities, Charities and now, get ready - Political parties and campaigns. With their unrelenting telephone harrasment, it's going to be rough election year for the folks that just want some peace at home.

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