Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crone-ic bias 2

Under the Dome has more on the Crone-Sinclair poll. A reader points out that Question 12e is very similar to a question (Q4) in a recent poll for the Realtors for which Brad Crone consulted. The key is the use of the phrase "when it comes to taxes, my family has hit the limit..." Crone's explanation via the N&O:

Crone said the question came from a focus group in January.

"A guy was sitting there and he said, 'My family has hit the limit when it comes to new taxes,'" Crone recalled.

I think that's a legitimate reason and it is certainly an interesting question to ask. But I wouldn't be too bothered by the results because in the question directly preceding it, 12d, the public says they are in favor of new taxes for road maintenance and construction. I'm not surprised by that at all. In all the polling we've done at PPP I can tell you that people don't like taxes. And they won't support new taxes in poll question-- unless you give them context for the taxes. They are willing to support higher taxes and fees if they pay for schools, roads, health care, and other things.

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