Monday, August 6, 2007

NC Primary Results

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Democratic President
Clinton 29%
Edwards 29%
Obama 23%

Obama drops a bit among black voters. Might just be fluctuations.

Republican President
Thompson 30%
Giuliani 20%
Romney 12%
McCain 7%

NC mirrors national trends. Giuliani is falling from front-runner status, while Romney is gaining. McCain is sinking and Thompson leads in the South.

Democratic Governor
Perdue 38%
Moore 28%

Perdue had been leading by 4% for about 3 months. The change can be explain by normal fluctuations and margin of error. It also suggests that her lead had always been on the higher side of 4%.

Republican Governor
Graham 23%
Smith 11%
Orr 9%

Nothing changing here. Civitas' polls continue to be starkly different than our results and the results coming out of the Graham campaign.

Democratic Lt. Governor
Dalton 10%
Dellinger 10%
Smathers 9%
Besse 7%
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