Thursday, November 29, 2007

Civitas Poll: the state stuff

More highlights from this month's Civitas Poll:

-In the Democratic gubernatorial primary Bev Perdue leads Richard Moore 31-25. Proportion wise that's about where we've been- Civitas has more undecided respondents because they poll general election voters.

-In the Republican primary, Bill Graham leads with 19% followed by Fred Smith with 14% and Bob Orr with 11%. They hadn't polled the Republicans since September when there was basically a three way tie. Our poll this month showed Smith vaulting Graham after Graham had led the rest of the year. It'll be interesting to see what we get next week.

-Civitas also enters the Lieutenant Governor fray, presumably in response to Republican senator Robert Pittenger's recent moves toward entering the race. They matched Pittenger up with fellow senator Walter Dalton, assuming I guess he would emerge from the Democratic pack. Dalton led 19-17. They also did favorable/unfavorable ratings for the two. Dalton is 4% favorable, 2% unfavorable while Pittenger is 4% favorable, 3% unfavorable. Not much to take from that.

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