Thursday, November 29, 2007

A radical idea

UPDATE: It took Perdue about an hour to attack right back. Sigh.

Last night Bev Perdue made a proposal for budget reform. Today Richard Moore met with reporters to attack her for it. That's been pretty much par for the course any time either of them has put a policy idea forward.

Here is my dream. We have two very capable Democrats running for Governor who have both done a great job serving the state of North Carolina. Either would be a fine executive. Maybe, just maybe, sometime during this campaign one of them could announce a policy initiative and when the other was asked to comment they could say it sounded like a fine idea and they didn't have a bad thing to say about it.

Candidates can draw contrasts between themselves and their opponents without attacking every proposal they make and every little thing about them.

My vote will probably go to the candidate whose campaign best seems to end up grasping that message.

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