Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our new transfer tax poll

According to our latest survey released today, likely voters in Wake County support a transfer tax on property sales by a margin of 49-40%. When presented with other options of paying for growth such as sales tax and property tax increases, more than half of the respondents favored a transfer tax. Below are excerpted results. Click here for the press release and complete results.

In order to pay for the costs of growth, would you support or oppose a tax of less than a half percent paid when a house or property is sold, called a transfer tax?

Support 49%
Oppose 40%
Don't know 11%

Another way to pay for the cost of growth is to raise property taxes every year. Would you prefer to pay for these new roads and schools by increasing property taxes or by a transfer tax on property sales?

Prefer Transfer Tax 59%
Prefer Property Tax Increase 20%
Don't know 22%

Another way being proposed to pay for growth is a quarter percent increase in the sales tax. Would you support an increase in the sales tax?

Support 34%
Oppose 59%
Don't know 7%

We can pay the cost of growth by a small transfer tax paid when real property is sold or by a small increase in our sales tax. Which do you prefer?

Prefer Transfer Tax 54%
Prefer Sales Tax Increase 31%
Don't know 15%

If you knew that opposition to the transfer tax was being almost exclusively funded by the realtor and developer lobby, would you be more or less likely to support a transfer tax?

More likely to support 45%
Less likely to support 25%
Don't know 29%

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