Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My last week

This is my last week with Public Policy Polling. I have taken a new job with the Bev Perdue for Governor Campaign. I'm excited about my new opportunity. I am going to try to stay connected with PPP and the blogging community. I will probably still post some here, but much less frequently.

Taking over my duties at PPP will be Tom Jensen. Tom has been working at the NC Sierra Club running their very successful "Cool Cities" campaign. NC now has the 4th most "Cool Cities" in the nation. Tom has extensive campaign experience, working for over 20 campaigns. He is also a member of the Chapel Hill Planning Board.

Tom should pick up right where I left off and he will keep this blog up-to-date. You'll keep getting great polling and analysis from PPP.



No said...

Good luck at the new job Justin.

Blissfully Ignorant said...

Are you taking your hack old man's, ahem, objective research organization with you, ala 2004 and Easley?

Unknown said...


Good Luck with Purdue's campaign. That's exciting!

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