Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kay Hagan vs. Elizabeth Dole

Complete results here.

Kay Hagan vs. Elizabeth Dole

Dole 46%
Hagan 33%

Hagan does about as expected. Remember that last week our poll found Jim Neal trailing Elizabeth Dole 47% to 32%. Neither starts off with any advantage in polling.

Approval Ratings
President Bush: 41% approve, 53% disapprove
Governor Easley: 51% approve, 32% disapprove
Senator Dole: 45% approve, 36% disapprove
Senator Burr: 30% approve, 34% disapprove OUCH!

What issue is most important to you?
35% War in Iraq
19% Economy and jobs
13% Moral and family values
11% Health care
10% Immigration
5% Education
5% Taxes


tombollocks said...

Thanks for your post. On my drive to work NPR stated that Sen. Bobble-head was leading Hagan by 13 points, with no mention of Neal whatsoever. But, I've come to expect hackwork from NPR.

Again, thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

In your poll that showed Immigration as the #5 issue, I suggest that you move it to the very top.

First, if we do nothing to combat the illegal problem, we need not worry about the Health, Ecomomy, Taxes, or Education, because every one of these items is solidly and deeply connected to the immigration issue.

Costs will be 'tripled' because if the illegals are in the Country, the law says we MUST take care of them....( I could scream at this LAW (?)
it's totally idiotic, but none the less, TRUE...!!!
We, the American taxpayer are paying near $500,000 billion dollars to the health of the illegals , who are responsible for the closure of 44 medical hospitals and clinics in the South.
We are by law, (our LAW) in our country are legally responsible for their health care as long as they are in our country....this is silly and totally ridiculous.!!!

Anonymous said...

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