Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GOP Senate field in Florida mostly unknown

Florida Republicans really have no clue who any of their potential Senate candidates are at this point. Of the three who have shown the most interest to date Mike Haridopolos 'leads' the way in name recognition with 32% of voters expressing an opinion about him- 16% positive and 16% negative. George LeMieux's second with 26% of voters able to rate him- 15% favorable and 11% unfavorable. Adam Hasner only has 15% of GOP primary voters who can take a stand on him and they break down 5% positive and 10% negative.

Unfortunately Connie Mack IV announced he wasn't going to run during the middle of our field period. But even with him in the mix we found 41% of Republicans had no opinion yet on who their nominee should be. 28% picked Mack, 14% went for LeMieux, 13% for Haridopolos, and 4% for Hasner. The bottom line on the Republican field at this point appears to be LeMieux and Haridopolos basically as co-favorites with Hasner a step behind- but more than anything else it's wide open and there's plenty of room for someone else to come in and win the nomination.

Full results here


Norcross Schools said...

First of all, Florida, like the rest of the country has several months to figure it all out. Secondly, I think the story is that there are so many options that are better than the inept one sitting in the white house that it is a bit daunting to choose.

Dustin Ingalls said...

I think you're the only one who seriously feels that way. But this is about the Senate field. The presidential post is one down.

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