Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perdue's numbers up this month

The Democratic base is responding well to the new, feistier Bev Perdue who's shown a willingness to fight Republicans and veto their bills over the last few months. As a result her approval number this month matches a 2 year high. 35% of North Carolinians say they like the job she's doing, matching her numbers from December of 2010 and September of 2010 and representing her highest level of support since posting a 41% approval rating in April of 2009. 49% of voters disapprove of Perdue's performance.

The main reason Perdue's numbers are up is that she's had a 10 point net improvement with Democrats over the last month. In March she was at a +20 spread with them (50/30) and now she's at a +30 spread (56/26). Her numbers are still poor overall because of her limited support from independents (25/57) and from Republicans (13/73). Still the only way she's likely to get her numbers back where she wants them is slow, methodical progress and it has to start somewhere.

Perdue is also in a slightly better position for reelection against Pat McCrory this month, although she still trails by double digits. Last month McCrory led her by 14 points at 50-36 and now that advantage is down to 11 at 49-38. McCrory continues to do well not just because of Perdue's unpopularity but also because he's generally viewed positively by voters in the state, with 33% holding a favorable opinion of him to 27% with an unfavorable one.

Perdue still has a long and arduous journey ahead but over the last month at least she's taken a step forward. Her problem over the last two years is that pretty much every time she's taken a step forward she's soon taken another step back- we'll see if she can reverse that trend in the weeks ahead.

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I Am Iron Man said...

It's so sad to see voters all over the country regret voting in a Republican Governor in November of 2010 and then see another state on the way to making that same mistake next time around.

I wish more people paid attention to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Iron Man,

You are right! I am in NC, and pay attention, and will be voting for Perdue and Obama, next year. The GOP in NC, has been trying to pass absurd legislation, that is not going to set well with Indies, when it all sinks in.

Anonymous said...

Quite the opposite, Heath Shuler will beat her in a primary. Perdue does not have a chance. She lied about her activities. She vetoed unemployment for 37,00 workers. She is a loser.

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