Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Voting Time

We'll take the top two vote getters in this week's vote on where to poll. The choices are:

-Arizona. We haven't polled here since it became an open seat- interested to see how voters there feel about the possibility of a Gabrielle Giffords candidacy and whether Democrats would have a chance to pick up this seat with any other potential nominee.

-Montana. Competitive Senate seat, open House seat, open Governor's race...a lot of stuff to look at in a state we haven't polled in over five months.

-Nevada. Looks like the Senate field here may be pretty much set so interested in looking at those match ups as well as the Presidential race in the state.

-New Mexico. Another Senate race we haven't polled since it became an open seat- my sense is that this race is not as much of a toss up as some folks have made it out to be but that's why you do the polls.

-West Virginia. There's been as far as I know no independent polling on the fast approaching primaries for Governor so those are worth a look, in addition to seeing how folks feel after four months of Senator Manchin.

Voting will be open until about 4 PM Wednesday afternoon...and as always don't game the poll or we'll throw out the state you gamed it for.


Anonymous said...

If you poll Arizona, throw Palin's name in as the GOP nominee.

Anonymous said...

If Arizona makes the cut for your poll next week would you guys be open to doing a Brewer vs. Goddard rematch. You might want to do the same thing also for Nevada governor, rumors are that Sandoval's popularity has dropped but Rory Reid had just as bad numbers as Harry Reid so that might not yield as interesting a result as the others. Glad to see someone is finally open to polling Giffords.

Anonymous said...

NV is not only only of the 1st 4 primary/caucus states, many expect it is crucial to Romney's chances because he won it last time and the state does have a higher than average Mormon population. But Huntsman is a Mormon from neighboring Utah, Trump might do well among the casino workers and developers, and the same segment that propelled Sharon Angle to a senate nomination might like Palin. Romney's 08 rivals McCain, Huck, and Thompson in 08 skipped NV to focus on SC. Couldn't NV be in play this time and how might that affect Romney's strategy?

Statistikhengst said...


poll Nevada again and be sure that the hispanic component is reflective of a potential 2012 electorate.

NV, CO and VA will be the Obama bellwethers to watch over the next 18 months.

The only pick-up state that you have not yet polled is INDIANA. I really think it is about time to take a hard look at the Hoosier State.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you poll, you need to be asking about the GOP Medicare plan to end Medicare as we know it. In fact, this should become a standard question on all polls from now on so we can see whether this will in fact destroy the GOP. I can't imagine that there's much upside to being against something that 84% of people oppose, especially for a party heavily dependent on seniors.

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