Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Branstad's fall continues

Hi; I'm Michael Sadowsky, and I'm interning with PPP this summer. I'm an undergraduate Politics major at Oberlin College in Ohio, and I’m entering my junior year this fall. Like many of you, I am a poll junkie and eagerly follow PPP's polls and blog. Enough about me though; what you came here for is the Iowa poll.

Republican Governor Terry Branstad remains unpopular with his approval rating falling to 39% with 47% disapproval, slightly worse than his -4(41/45) rating in April. This compares to a 10 point victory margin in 2010. Branstad's falling approval reflects a pattern seen nationwide as voters express buyer's remorse over electing Republican Governors; however, Branstad is not faring as poorly as Republican Governors in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida for whom net disapproval is well into the double digits. As is true nationwide, much of Branstad's fall is due to a more Democratic electorate than 2010; 50% voted for Obama in 2008 in this sample (+9), compared to only 46% in the 2010 exit poll (+2).

On the other hand, Republican Senator Charles Grassley remains popular with 53% approval and 32% disapproval. This is also a slide from April, when he garnered a +27(57/30) rating. Grassley's strength comes from a large amount of crossover support among Democrats -14(34/48), and strength with independents +18(53/35). Despite Grassley's overall strength his numbers among Republicans +61(74/13) are no better than Branstad's +61 (73/12).

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin also posts good numbers with 50% approval and 36% disapproval, an improvement over his +9(47/38) rating in April. Harkin also receives good ratings among independents +20(54/34); though he receives a fair amount of crossover support from Republicans -46(19/65) it is not as impressive as Grassley’s Democratic support.

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Congrats on the gig, Michael. Look forward to reading your posts.

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