Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy E-mail of the Day

We get these e-mails from people purporting to be from Burma (not really sure whether they are or not) telling us what to poll pretty much every day. But this is the first one where they've accused us of not wanting to poll the races they want us to poll because we're afraid of the results. I sent them some info on our pricing and told them we'd be happy to look at any races they want if they pay for it.

And while we're at it consider this an open thread for suggestions on where we should go for our next round of state polling.

From: Aung San Suu Kyi [mailto:yangon.2011118@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 8:06 AM
To: Min Ko Naing; Ingalls, Dustin; Jensen, Tom
Cc: PPP Information; theresidentsinyangon@gmail.com
Subject: This is a request and complaint.



The Public Policy Polling,

The United States Of America.

Dear Sir,

We request that the Public Policy Polling conducts the US Senate Poll of North Dakota,Nebraska,Virginia and Missouri for June,2011 as soon as possible,in other words,we request that the Public Policy Polling conducts the polls for June,2011 immediately.This month online poll for Missouri is Todd Akin 57% and McCaskill 43%.And we also believe that Mr.George Allen is winning the poll this time after the Bin Laden rise.the PPP's US Senate Poll for Virginia and Missouri are becoming old.We are from Burma.What we want to say is that we want to know the After-Bin-Laden-Rise poll of Missouri and Virginia.We want to know the polls from you to update ourselves in the politics of the United States.We do not want to update ourselves in the politics of the United States of America with the wrong poll for now and we suggest that the Public Policy Polling should conduct the monthly poll for US Senate Election 2012. Why is your polling firm so afraid of conducting the US Senate Poll for Virginia and Missouri?Is the Democratic Party defeated in the polls for June,2011?Is the PPP the polling firm that related with the Democratic Party?In other words,is your polling firm so close with the Democratic Party?Is your polling firm conducting the polls when you only think that the Democratic Party is winning in the Polls?To sum up,the Public Policy Polling should know that we are not satisfied with the polls for Virginia and Missouri for May,2011.

Request By,

Ms.Chit Thu Wai,

Ms.Chit Suu Wai,

Ms.Pa Pa Win Khin,

Ms.Pwint Nadi Mg,

Ms.Ya Min Ko Ko,

Ms.Khin Moe Zar,

Ms.Zar Zar Min Htet,

Ms.Chit Suu,

Ms.Nan Su Yati Soe,

Ms.Wine Su Khine Thein,


Ms.Khin Than Myint,

Ms.Myint Myint Khin,

Ms.Khin Khin Gyi,

Ms.Myat Myat Htway,


Mr.Nyein Chan,


Ms.Na Di Moe Yan.


Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest Utah. (If it is possible, I know that polling North Dakota and Indiana aren't, so I'm not sure if Utah fits in there) Here are a few suggestions if you can poll Utah:
* GOP Primary - Romney and Huntsman should be very interesting since Huntsman was Gov of Utah and the Mormon vote.
* Hatch vs. Chaffetz GOP Senate Primary
* Hatch and Chaffetz vs. Matheson - Is it really that close, a Desert Poll had Matheson tied with Hatch and barely trailing Chaffetz.
* Herbert vs. Consevative alternative - Is Gov. Herbert vulenable to a Primary. There are several potential strong candidates floating there names.

I know this is a lot, but just wanted to throw it out there!

Thank you PPP!

- Pat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina Nevada Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Can you poll Burma?

-Thein Sein approval
-Thein Sein v. Min Ko Niang general
-Khin Aung Myint v. Thura Shwe Mann USDP primary

Also, Indiana, GOP Senate Primary, Gubernatorial Primary, President should all be interesting.

The Interesting Times said...

Georgia and Virginia are my picks.

I also think the anonymous suggestion to poll Utah is a good idea. Could Hatch go the way of Bob Bennett?

Anonymous said...

- Senate race
- R primary
- favorable or unfavorable opinion of Wall Street

New York?

- R primary
- gay marriage
- favorable or unfavorable opinion of Wall Street

Pat H said...
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jpmassar said...


1) Matchups against Feinstein.

2) Same-sex marriage in light of NY.

3) Also the CA-36 race.

Anonymous said...

Well, since the email purports to be from Aung San Suu Kyi (the equivalent of say, using "Mahatma Gandhi" as your name), probably not actually from Burma.

For a poll (not necessarily next one, but worth looking at sometime), I would suggest California and/or Maine to look at gay marriage views in the wake of shifting public opinion and the New York victory.

Anonymous said...

I know you were in Wisconsin not too long ago, but some Senate head-to-heads with Tammy Baldwin versus Neumann, Thompson, and various GOPers would be great.

It's been a while since you looked at Virginia (Senate and President).

I'm kind of curious about Corker in Tennessee and if he's vulnerable to death by tea and, if so, whether Dems can be competitive there.

Alexander Laska said...

Connecticut :) I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrat primary is one of the more contentious of the season.

Would also be interested in seeing numbers on Governor Malloy's approval rating, given the rejection of his deal with the public unions. Approval ratings of the public unions themselves might also be interesting!

Todd Dugdale said...

That's a crazy e-mail.
They accuse you of biased polling, then demand copious amounts of your supposedly biased polling...for free!

wt said...

Wow, you guys should be flattered. It sounds like you have Hasselhoff-like status in Burma. Maybe it's time to go on tour, in the sense of actually polling Burma?

A couple (U.S-based) polling options --

Arizona to see if Mark Kelly for Senate is viable, as well as the presidential numbers.

New York to test gay marriage, Rudy/Pataki vs. Gilbrand, GOP primary, and presidential numbers.

Michigan to test Senate, presidential, and GOP primary.

I Am Iron Man said...

Crazy people tickle my bone. They really do.

Sometimes I wonder just how many people are actually sane reasonable informed people in this country? 10%? 5%?

Anonymous said...

How about Indiana? No one has polled it.

People are now saying Obama's 2008 victory in the state was an anomaly and is unlikely to happen again. Is that true?

The open governor's race between Congressman Mike Pence and Former State House Speaker John Gregg could be competitive.

The senate race is interesting. Can Lugar survive a primary against Murdouck. And is Joe Donnelly competitiv in the general?

Mahatma Gandhi said...

At least I am not using Anonymous as my name!

The Interesting Times said...

I doubt you can poll in other countries right now, but I asked this question before and never got an answer...

Is it feasible at this time for you to poll in Puerto Rico?

Anonymous said...

Maine would be very interesting both to see if there is any reason for Olympia Snowe to be worried/Democrats to be hopeful and for a look at same-sex marriage, which advocates are considering putting on the ballot for 2012. Governor approval numbers would also be very interesting.

I also second the Utah suggestion, especially with recent reports that Orrin Hatch may be in trouble. It would be interesting to see if Jim Matheson has any shot at capturing the seat for Democrats.

Nebraska, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California would all be interesting for updated Senate polling and governor approval numbers.

Sebastian Ivory said...

Maine and Utah would be nice. With the 2 districts electoral college vote in ME, I'd be curious if the Democrats are safe in both of the districts. I'd also love to see if Snowe is safe to the primary challenge or if ME would like a more conservative alternate. In terms of Utah, does chaffetz have a shot in a primary against Hatch. And after that can Matheson pull a huge upset and pick up a GOP seat in one of the most GOP friendly areas.

Rasmus said...

You're getting emails from a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Congrats.

wt said...

No robopolling in Indiana or North Dakota, folks. No matter how tempting it is to suggest those states, PPP isn't going to test them.

The Dalai Lama said...

I second the Utah polling idea. We need to see if that poll showing Matheson tied with Hatch and Chaffetz is legit.

NRH said...

I think at least some of the requests for Indiana and North Dakota were from people being as serious as the one who asked for polls of Burma. But only some.

For a poll idea, here's an offbeat one - an anonymous poll of polling organizations, asking them all to anonymously rate each other on reliability, accuracy, etc. It'd probably have to be done via an organization of pollsters rather than by an individual polling company, though.

coolidgen said...

There's a poll out in Alaska that has Obama beating Palin.

I'd also be curious who the GOP there go for if Palin is out, or if she is in for that matter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it be nice to test New Jersey, I see a lot of dissatisfaction among Democratic voters in the state since the pension and health bill was passed thru a Dem Legislature that i think its possible now for the GOP to win the Senate and Presidency due to Dems staying home

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a poll in Maine, in particular asking about attitudes toward the highly controversial Gov. LePage, the state legislature which shifted from all Dem to all GOP last year, and on some of the controversial legislation recently considered by the legislature (eliminating same-day voting, weakening child labor laws). Also, the press has been reporting that pro-gay marriage activists are considering putting the issue on the ballot next year. A question on that would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Poll question for Burma:

Should the capital of Myanmar be Rangoon or Naypyidaw?

To ensure accurate responses, your pollsters will need to confirm that the respondents don't literally have a gun pointed at them when answering.

On a more serious note, 2010 saw a massive shift in control of state legislatures. There are some polling data and some anecdotal evidence of severe buyers' remorse. So where ever you poll, I'd like to see some questions about that. This would be especially important in WI, ME, OH, and NH.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas would be interesting. About a year after health care and the ouster of Blanche Lincoln, it would be interesting to see the standing of Obama, Pryor, Beebe and Boozman. Also, what Republican candidate is ahead for the primary? Would Obama improve on his disastrous 2008 numbers? Would be interesting...

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