Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Burmese friends double down

On Tuesday I posted a strange e-mail from some folks purporting to be Burmese demanding that we poll the Virginia and Missouri Senate races. You can see that e-mail here. I responded to their e-mail telling them they were welcome to commission a poll and giving them our pricing information. The response we got is below...these folks e-mail us three times a day so I must say I am quite impressed that anyone can live on under $100 a year and still have that kind of access to technology
We can't afford any money for the poll,in other words,we can't afford to pay you for the polls..We want to see the poll with free of charge.In other words,we would like to hear no money will be charged to see the poll for Virginia and Missouri.We are so poor that we are living under 100 US Dollar per year.We are just the Republican Supporters and Democracy Activists.We need the Republican Party to press Burma Junta to hand over the Power to N.L.D,the Democratic Party in Burma.

Request By,

Ms.Chit Thu Wai,

Ms.Chit Suu Wai,

Ms.Pa Pa Win Khin,

Ms.Pwint Nadi Mg,

Ms.Ya Min Ko Ko,

Ms.Khin Moe Zar,

Ms.Zar Zar Min Htet,

Ms.Chit Suu,

Ms.Nan Su Yati Soe,

Ms.Wine Su Khine Thein,


Ms.Khin Than Myint,

Ms.Myint Myint Khin,

Ms.Khin Khin Gyi,

Ms.Myat Myat Htway,


Mr.Nyein Chan,


Ms.Na Di Moe Yan.


Pat H said...

Is there a way to block them from your e-mail?

Anonymous said...

haha, they want the Republican party to charge into Burma and start yet ANOTHER foreign war?

Hasn't anyone learned that Republicans are the LAST people on Earth you want in charge of nation-building?

The Interesting Times said...

As far as I know, Obama has been putting more pressure on Burma than his predecessor did anyway...

DavidNYC said...

This is giving me flashbacks to pub quiz at Netroots Nation.

Todd Dugdale said...

Again, what is truly stupid about these Burmese demands is that they insulted you and claimed that your polls are biased in the other email that you posted. Nothing about that approach makes any sense. If the polls are biased, why do they want free biased polling data? And saying that PPP is "afraid" to poll their preferred States is remarkably stupid considering that you have already polled those States.

"Why is your polling firm so afraid of conducting the US Senate Poll for Virginia and Missouri?Is the Democratic Party defeated in the polls for June,2011?"

"To sum up,the Public Policy Polling should know that we are not satisfied with the polls for Virginia and Missouri for May,2011."

Maybe they should ask for a refund of the entire amount that they spent on those May polls - which would be nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone care about Netroots? Nope.

Anonymous said...

A forgery tells a lie about itself. In essence, a counterfeit boarding pass allegedly printed by or for the airline is not so printed.

These alleged Burmese dissidents know far too much about American politics -- surely more than the thug regime in Burma wants them to know. They would not know much about the behavior of polling firms.

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