Friday, June 17, 2011

Sex scandals, Paul Revere, etc...

-Anthony Weiner's been in the headlines lately but he's nowhere near the top of the list of who voters think the worst politician involved in a sex scandal over the last decade and change is.

That 'honor' goes to John Edwards who 38% of respondents said was the 'worst person' who had been involved in a sex scandal. Bill Clinton came in second at 21%. No one else we asked about hit double digits: Larry Craig got 8%, Mark Foley 5%, and then everyone else tied at 3%: Weiner, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, and Eliot Spitzer.

There's a pretty serious partisan divide on that question. Democrats (41-11) and independents (35-17) pick Edwards over Clinton by a long shot but Republicans are pretty evenly divided, picking Edwards only 35-34.

-So with this litany of male politicians involved in sex scandals we posed the question: 'do you think that most male politicians are sexually immoral or not?' 23% of voters answered yes to that one with 56% saying no and another 21% saying they weren't sure. 28% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans, and 17% of independents express that sentiment. Unsurprisingly there is also a gender gap with 27% of women thinking that but only 19% of men.

-Switching gears, voters- even Republicans- are not buying Sarah Palin's explanation of Paul Revere's midnight ride. Only 14% think that he was 'warning the British' to 67% who disagree with that interpretation. 74% of independents, 70% of Democrats, and 59% of independents think that Revere was not warning the British.

Asked more specifically whether they thought Palin's interpretation of Revere's ride was historically accurate 56% of voters said it was not while just 14% said they thought she was correct. Democrats (75/3) and independents (62/12) overwhelmingly think she was wrong, and even Republicans do albeit by quite a narrow margin (30/29).

Palin's knowledge of Revolutionary history is not particularly important but her getting it wrong and then doubling down and insisting she was right seems to have further hurt her credibility with an American public she already didn't have much credibility with.

Full results here


Kevin said...

You forgot to include Sen. Vitter as an option in the sex scandal poll.

Anonymous said...

No inclusion of David Vitter in the poll?? Seems to me his scandal would have drawn some support.

Anonymous said...

No McGreevey or Vitter?

wt said...

Your question doesn't reflect Palin's actual statement:

"On his midnight ride, do you think Paul Revere
was warning the British or not?"

That clearly sounds as if Palin is saying Revere warned the British in some kind of helpful way, not that "that they weren't going to be taking our arms."

In the same sense that I'd warn the Democrats that they won't be taking back the House next year. I'm not doing anything *helpful* in that context of "warning."

Also, your interviewees appear to be incorrect.

Governor Palin, when you read this, as I'm sure you will, please don't interpret this as a sign that I'd like you to run for President.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"You forgot to include Sen. Vitter as an option in the sex scandal poll."

I had him originally when I was writing the question, but we can only include 8 or 9 options, and there are so many. Unfortunately, his scandal hasn't gotten as much attention, seemingly, as the others we did include. At least, the attention hasn't gotten him any consequences like for the others.

wt: Palin was not correct, no matter how you try to spin her words. The only way Revere warned the British was after his capture, and that's not what she meant. She specifically referred to bells and his ride, not what happened later.

wt said...

No, she was certainly correct, as you'll see if you read the article I linked. The point is whether she was right as a matter of intention or accident.

But my point is that she didn't mean "warn" in the *helpful* sense of the word, and that's clear from the context (see my example about Democrats taking the House above). The people characterizing the statement as Palin saying Revere warned the British about something (what, exactly?) are being intentionally obtuse.

Anonymous said...

How could you omit Schwarzeneggar, Vitter and Strom Thurmond from this poll?

Anonymous said...

That's absurd. If you listen to the clip of her comment, it is very clear that she apparently knows more history than you smugly superior libruls. I know it's a very hard pit to swallow and your mouth must be dry in the effort to get it down, but you haters and misogynists have so met your match.

Between Sarah and Michelle, you looselugnut libs are as nekkid as Wiener.

Leo Ham said...

I hate to be the broken record, but I also think Vitter should have made your list. Also; Bob Livingston, if you have Clinton then you must list Livingston. And not to forget one of the worst; Bob Packwood. However, I still find PPP to be the most trusting.

Leo Ham said...

@Dustin Ingalls: you said "Unfortunately, his scandal hasn't gotten as much attention."
That's the probably the biggest problem with sex scandals. They receive more attention than they should.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include Don Sherwood who paid $500,000 in hush money to hide that he had beaten his MISTRESS!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include Arnold Schwarzenegger as well in your poll.

The Original Donald said...

I'd like to see a poll on what the biggest gaffe was-Palin's Paul Revere Ride or Obama's 57 States.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has again shown how ignorant she is of the sort of knowledge that a smart high-schooler should know. This is a scandal in itself.

But no surprise: she got the Korean Conflict wrong, too,

Dustin Ingalls said...

"No, she was certainly correct, as you'll see if you read the article I linked."

I did read the article, and she was only correct if you think she was talking about what he said when he was captured, but she certainly wasn't.

"How could you omit Schwarzeneggar, Vitter and Strom Thurmond from this poll?"

Forgot about Ahnold, but Thurmond?

"That's the probably the biggest problem with sex scandals. They receive more attention than they should."

I agree, but what I meant was that Vitter actually used a call-girl service. That's what Spitzer did. Yet Vitter remains in office, and was overwhelmingly re-elected last time largely because he somehow got off scot-free in the media and in the Senate Ethics Committee and in the law.

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