Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Suggestions Thread

The winners of this week's vote on where to poll were Pennsylvania and New Hampshire so:

-Who would you like to see us test against Bob Casey?

-What match ups would you like to see us test for Governor in New Hampshire?

We'll obviously do the standard Presidential stuff in those states but if you have any other good question ideas for them please send them our way...especially if you have good ideas of things to ask Republican primary voters in New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Please ask those who are polled - "Would you support a candidate who approves of same-sex marriage?" Or - "Would you support a candidate who approves of civil unions?"

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can poll re-matchs for the New Hampshire house races.

Charlie Bass vs Annie Kuster

Frank Guinta vs Carol Shea Porter

Those would be awesome if you could.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see approval numbers for Joe Sestak in PA. There's been buzz about him seeking statewide office again (governor specifically), so I'd be interested to see how his numbers look. I'd guess he's a pretty popular candidate even with the "liberal" label on him.

Anonymous said...

For pa check as a added question check what Former senator harris wofford's favorables are also check in NH check Cuomo 2016 now that theres buzz about it for gov John Lynch John Stephen john sununu also check if state legislature in nh is hurting GOP also Joe Sestak favorables as well as Patrick Murphy as he's running for PA AG in PA

Alan Robinson said...

ask about taxing shale gas extraction and the voucher program for schools

Anonymous said...

Try including, in addition to "Liberal/Conservative", a "Libertarian" crosstab for voters. New Hampshire especially could use that category, and it might show something interesting.

DavidNYC said...

Yes, pretty please do NH house!

astrojob said...

What about an open-ended question in NH along the lines of "Which candidate have you personally heard from the most?", or even "Which of the candidates have you seen in person?" or "Which of the candidates' campaigns have called you?", or something like that.....just to see which candidates' early campaigns have actually managed to reach voters so far.

OSUPhantom said...


Jim Gerlach
Kim Ward
Charlie Dent
Mark Scaringi
Laureen Cummings

New Hampshire

John Lynch
Carol Shea-Porter
Paul Hodes
Portsmouth Mayor Tom Ferrini

John Sununu (Jr.)
Ovide Lamontagne
John Stephen
Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas

wt said...

Any chance you can overrule your readers? These states are [yawn].


2016 Democratic primary.

Shaheen vs. Generic Republican, 2014.

Maybe the CDs would be easier to poll because everyone falls into one of the two districts.


Ridge v. Casey
Corbett v. Casey
Andy Van Slyke v. Casey

Critz v. Casey Dem primary.

Anonymous said...

Against Casey:
Marc Scaringi
State Senator Kim Ward
Representative Jim Gerlach
Representative Charlie Dent
State Senator Jake Corman

New Hampshire:
Lynch v. Lamontagne
Lynch v. Sununu
Lynch v. Gregg

Andrew Carden said...

If merely for curiosity purposes, test Lynn Swann and Tom Ridge against Sen. Casey. And in New Hampshire, include Rudy Giuliani in the GOP primary.

Anonymous said...

John Sununu for Governor. Paul Hodes if John Lynch remains undecided.

jpmassar said...

Both the Republican primary voters and everyone:

Favorable or unfavorable opinion of the New Hampshire Legislature, and the Speaker of the NH House of Representatives.

Mark B. said...

I think Pennsylvania, and especially New Hampshire could really do with generic state legislature questions.

Ayotte trounced Hodes in the Senate race. Maybe a re-do poll there would be informative. Of course, I would ten times rather see a Corbett re-do question.

I think a great idea, in the wake of the courage of four NY Republicans, would be to ask whether a vote cast to repeal gay marriage would make the respondent more or less likely to vote for that state legislator, or make no difference.

Thanks for listening! :)

celestus said...

NH Republican primary voter Qs:

"Who did you vote for in the 2008 general election?"

"Who did you vote for in the 2008 New Hampshire primary?" (include Clinton & Obama)

"How long have you lived in New Hampshire?"

"If you are employed, what state do you work in?" (NH vs. MA vs. other vs. N/A)

Maybe something about drugs.

I guess the secession/glad the North won the Civil War equivalent would be something like "Do you believe that the federal income tax is constitutional?"

Anonymous said...

For New Hampshire: Mark Connolly/John Lynch vs. Ovide Lamontagne/John Stephen/Jeb Bradley.

For Pennsylvania: Bob Casey vs. Marc Scaringi. It would also be interesting to ask whether or not voters support a tax on natural gas drilling in the vast Marcellus Shale formation, which Tom Corbett is totally against since he got so much campaign money from the industry.

For both states I would love to see an up or down "should same-sex marriage be legal or illegal" question. I know it must sound repetitive to have that question requested each week but it's a red-hot, controversial issue both nationwide and in individual states (in NH the Republican legislature wants to repeal the same-sex marriage law, and in PA the issue could be coming up again after neighboring NY passed their law and a constitutional ban has been introducedin the PA legislature), and it would be cool to compare support levels in all the different states.

Anonymous said...

definitely ask who the thought "won" the republican debate, and theres been a lot of hype about jon hunstman there see if the even know who he is

NRH said...

Legislative control preference, definitely. Approval of the current legislature - it'd be interesting to see a cross-section of people who approve of the current draconian budget against Presidential preferences. Approval of the Free State Project, cross-tabbed against 'how long have you lived in NH?' groups (0-3 years, 3-6 years, 6-9 years, 10 or more years) - see how the various candidates do among new residents versus lifetimers (previous polls have showed that a large chunk of Republican support in the state comes from Massachusetts Republicans moving north).

For governor contests, how about Sylvia Larsen against O'Brien, in an if-Lynch-doesn't-run hypothetical, and then a Lynch-O'Brien matchup for comparison?

Jeff said...

For New Hampshire Governor GOP candidates I'd go with John Stephen, Ovide Lamontagne, and Jeb Bradley. Also a generic legislative and Congressional ballot for New Hampshire would be really good.

coolidgen said...

Make sure to test Rick Perry. This won't be his strongest state, but it should be an indicator.

I second the House suggestion.

I'd try a rematch of last year's Gov. Also try Lamontagne and Jeb Bradley (I'm particularly interested in Bradley faves/unfaves).

Another good question might be SB 129, the infamous voter ID law.

Argo Journal said...

Questions for Republican primary voters in New Hampshire:

1. With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?

2. Would you be willing to vote for someone who supports a woman's right to abortion?

3. Would you be willing to vote for someone who supports civil unions, or domestic partnerships, for same-sex couples?

Please note: Rudy Giuliani is returning to New Hampshire on July 14 for a two-day visit. The potential presidential candidate will be the featured guest speaker at the Seacoast Republican Women's luncheon. It's the former NYC mayor's sixth trip to the Granite State since his 2008 run.

Can you please include Giuliani in the general election match-ups against President Obama in both New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Question ideas, to poll on acceptance of various traits in society.

"How comfortable would you feel if one of your neighbors was black?" (Very/somewhat/somewhat uncomfortable/very uncomfortable)

- Same question for Hispanic
- Same question for atheist (or agnostic)
- Same question for gay/lesbian
- Same question for transgender

KingofSpades said...

On NH, could you do a poll on the popularity (or lack thereof) for the central tenents of the NH GOP's agenda?

Anonymous said...

NH: Test Paul Hodes as a potential replacement for Lynch.

Anonymous said...

Other Democrats sans Lynch: Steve Marchand, Katrina Swett, Jay Buckey, Carol Shea-Porter.

Pat H said...

* Congressman Charlie Dent
* Congressman Jim Gerlach
* Attorney Marc Scaringi
* State Senator Jake Corman

* Corbett vs. Onorato rematch

New Hampshire:
* Former U.S. Senator John Sununu
* Ovide Lamontagne
* 2010 nominee for Governor John
* State Senate Majority Leader and former Congressman Jeb Bradley

* Governor John Lynch
* Former director of the New Hampshire's Bureau of Securities Regulation Mark Connolly (I saw this as Connolly has said he would consider running if Lynch doesn't, and Lynch has yet to announce if he will run or not)

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Since New Hampshire is a small state, can you poll the approvals of Guinta and Bass?

Anonymous said...

Test Jim Gerlach,Kim Ward,Charlie Dent, Mark Scaringi and jake Corman against Casey. The gubernatorial field in NH is wide open so test Lynch against Genereic Republican, Ovide Lamontagne and John Stephen. est Generic Republican vs. generic Democrat as well as Ayotte and Shaheen favorabilities.

The Dalai Lama said...

Poll the pa ag race where Patrick Murphy is running. And in NH a generic legislative ballot question.

The Interesting Times said...

I second what wt said.

What did all the people who voted for NH and PA expect to learn that we don't already know (for instance, from the last poll of NH just two months ago)?

Just judging from these suggestions, they're really scrounging for useful questions.

I guess there's always next week...

Sam said...

For Pennsylvania:

-Approval ratings of Bob Casey and Patrick Toomey

-Stance on allowing gay and lesbian couple to marry or form civil unions.

For New Hampshire:

-Approval ratings of Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen

-Support for the same-sex marriage law

-Ask if they are in favor of repeal or just leave it alone.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I hope you poll the House races since they are pretty even districts that have flipped back and forth with each wave election.

Anonymous said...

PA Sente: Please poll for the only two candidates running against Mr. Casey. Laureen A. Cummings, the tea party activist and Marc A. Scaringi, lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Would not vote for someone who supports homosexuality. This is against moral standards....even animals know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Please include Laureen A. Cummings of Old Forge, PA, in all future PA polling.

ConservativeDiva said...

Laureen Cummings is the ONLY "Tea Party" candidate and we ask that you include Laureen A. Cummings of Old Forge, PA, in all future PA polling! See some "real" polling results from WE THE PEOPLE!

Please give our country a chance to recover from the 0bamanation and elect people that really care about America! Laureen Cummings is one of those people that we MUST get elected!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It's time for a true conservative like Laureen Cummings to be elected to the senate in Pa. Take a look at her on You Tube and you will see someone who is not only "real" but passionate about changing not only her state for the better but this country. She is an incredible woman and we would do well to lend our support to her campaign!

Anonymous said...

The only Tea Party candidate in Pa.; Laureen Cummings over Bob Casey, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Please be aware of the candidate for Pennsylvania Senate seat, Laureen Cummings. Post her name for future polling.

Anonymous said...

Two commenters above have proposed gay marriage questions, but both are off the mark as to the specific questions that should be asked.

New Hampshire has gay marriage and it is a certainty that the NH legislature will take up the question of repeal early next year. The legislature also will consider a constitutional amendment.

So the questions should be:

"Would you support or oppose the repeal of New Hampshire's law that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry?"

"Would you support or oppose amending New Hampshire's constitution to define marriage solely as between one man and one woman, and disallowing gay and lesbian couples to marry?"

On question number 2, I think you need the clause at the end because w/o it the respondent may not understand what the amendment is attempting to accomplish or may conclude that the amendment is an attempt to outlaw polygamy.

Finally, I would propose a question as to the approval/disapproval fo the state legislature and a general ballot preference (Dem vs. Rep) for state legislature in 2012.

The NH legislature underwent a titanic shift in 2010 from solid Dem to overwhelming Republican. It would be very interesting to see if the tide has reversed or if the GOP can hold onto its outsized gains.

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