Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AARP NC Survey

AARP North Carolina released a survey last week that was conducted by our sister company OnPoint Polling and Research. The survey shows strong support among North Carolina voters for six key AARP legislative priorities. Here is a shorthand version of the results.

Do you favor creation of a rating system for adult care homes?
Favor – 78% Oppose - 12% No Opinion - 9%

Do you favor additional state taxpayer funding so that older adults and mentally ill persons can be housed separately?
Favor – 71% Oppose - 22% No Opinion - 7%

Do you favor a law requiring health insurance companies to cover treatment of mental illness?
Favor – 66% Oppose - 24% No Opinion - 10%

Do you favor requiring hospitals to publicly report information such as infection rates, medical errors and medication mistakes?
Favor – 82% Oppose - 12% No Opinion - 6%

Do you favor re-enacting a law providing a tax credit of up to $350 for purchase of long term care insurance?
Favor – 69% Oppose – 22% No Opinion – 9%

Do you favor additional state taxpayer funding for the Home and Community Care Block Grant, providing services such as home-delivered meals, in-home aide services and adult day care?
Favor – 75% Oppose – 18% No Opinion – 8%

Complete results including the exact question wording and crosstabs can be found here (PDF).

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