Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April Primary Tracking Poll

PPP released today the complete results of its latest 2008 North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll. Click here for the complete results (PDF).

Republican President

Giuliani 30%
McCain 19%
Romney 14%
Different Candidate 25%

Republican Governor

Graham 17%
Orr 12%
Smith 6%

Democratic President

Edwards 39%
Clinton 25%
Obama 20%
Different Candidate 8%

Democratic Governor

Perdue 33%
Moore 29%

Democratic Lt. Governor

Dalton 13%
Besse 10%
Smathers 9%
Dellinger 6%


Will Cubbison said...

Any thoughts on the small movements within the Lt Gov race, or are we just seeing the effects of sampling?

When is the next Senate matchup polling happening?

Justin Guillory said...

I don't think that the Lt. Gov numbers or their fluctuations mean anything other than Hampton Dellinger has less support than Walter Dalton. That's about the only thing outside the margin of error. Undecided are SO high that anything could happen.

You can expect another Senate matchup next week or the week after. Sorry for all the waiting, but we've got some other interesting polling coming out soon.

Will Cubbison said...

ok. well, take this as my final begging to see a poll as soon as possible involving Brad Miller and Dole.

No worries about the delay though. I appreciate what you guys do.

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