Friday, April 20, 2007

Comparing North Carolina to the nation

When it comes to public opinion North Carolina is following national trends. While we might be slightly more conservative than average, our collective opinions on the President, the War in Iraq and the Presidential candidates are following the same patterns as the nation.

The latest round of Presidential approval ratings have Bush’s approval at between 31% and 38%. The last two North Carolina polls show Bush’s approval at 41% (Civitas) and 40% (PPP). So as a “red state” we are slightly more in favor of Bush than the rest of the nation, but his approval began to fall two years ago and it has remained low.

North Carolina also shares the national sentiment when it comes to which issue is most important. According to the latest Gallup Poll, 43% of Americans say that the war will be the biggest factor when they decide who to vote for in the 2008 presidential election. (Here’s an article from the People’s Republic). According to PPP’s latest primary tracking poll 31% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats say that the war is the most important issue.

There has not been a simple support/oppose the Iraq War poll question in North Carolina for a few months, but questions regarding the troop surge and a timetable for withdrawal indicate that a majority of North Carolinians are unhappy with the war.

When it comes to choosing Presidential candidates North Carolina is also following the national pattern on the Republican side. On the Democratic side native John Edwards is skewing the results.

North Carolina Republicans and the nation are choosing Rudy Giuliani first with more than 30% support. John McCain is second with around 20% support and Mitt Romney is a distant third.

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