Friday, April 13, 2007

More on the OLF

Tom Jensen at the NC Sierra Club blog had this to say about our latest poll, specifically about the OLF:
A poll released today by Raleigh's Public Policy Polling shows that North Carolinians are strongly opposed to the proposed OLF in Washington County with 47% opposed to the plans and only 32% supportive.

These numbers came without any explanation to respondents about the potential negative implications of the site, including disastrous impact on wildlife and the quality of life for local residents. It's a good bet that the 21% of folks who didn't have an opinion would be strongly opposed if they knew all the facts.

I've been bugging Justin Guillory over at PPP for a long time about doing a poll sometime and breaking it down by whether those who respond are Carolina, State, Duke, or Wake people and he finally did it for this one.

Apparently there's at least one thing that fans of all ACC schools can agree on- they think the proposed OLF location is wrong for North Carolina. Partisans of the ACC quartet, as well as North Carolinians who identify with a different school, are all opposed to the current plans by margins ranging from 13 to 17 points.
I have to agree with Tom that our OLF question was very limited. We did not give any arguments for or against the project. It was almost a test to see if people knew enough about it with little prompting to have opinion. If we had made the arguments or explained who has come out for and against the site, the results probably would have been even more anti-OLF.

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