Friday, April 6, 2007

Voters support smoking ban and more...

According to the latest Public Policy Polling survey North Carolina voters overwhelmingly support a ban on smoking in public places.

Click here for complete results (PDF).
Currently being considered in the legislature is a bill that would ban smoking in restaurants and public places, with very few exemptions. Do you support a ban on smoking in public places?

Support ban 67%
Oppose ban 30%
North Carolina voters also support the government giving tax breaks and financial incentives to companies that are looking to create jobs in the state. However, they feel differently about the recent $260 million deal for Google.
In January the internet company, Google, announced plans to build a data center in Caldwell County. Google will invest nearly 600 million dollars in the facility and it will create more than 200 jobs. Google decided to build in North Carolina after state and local governments offered an estimated 260 million dollars in tax breaks and financial incentives. Do you favor or oppose state and local governments offering 260 million dollars for Google to build in North Carolina?

Favor 36%
Oppose 46%

In addition to Google, North Carolina governments have offered incentives to many other businesses looking to relocate here. In general, do you support or oppose the state offering tax breaks and financial incentives to companies which are looking to create jobs here in the state?

Support 58%
Oppose 30%
Voters also support tax breaks for fuel efficiency…
Do you support the state government giving tax breaks for fuel efficiency? For example, using ethanol fuel.

Support 65%
Oppose 20%
Finally, North Carolina slightly favors two proposals to increase health insurance coverage…
In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a health care plan that would require every individual to buy health insurance. Individuals without health insurance would be required to buy a plan, and at the same time businesses and hospitals would pay fees that would lower the costs for the uninsured. Would you support such a health care plan for North Carolina?

Support 41%
Oppose 35%

The state legislature is also considering a bill to create a statewide high-risk health insurance pool. The insurance pool would sell affordable insurance to people who don’t have health insurance or whose premiums are extremely high because of chronic medical conditions.
Money for the insurance pool would come through higher than normal premiums and through a fee charged to health insurance companies in North Carolina. Would you support such a high-risk insurance pool for North Carolina?

Support 41%
Oppose 36%


Anonymous said...

Why Obama, Edwards, Hillary, Romney, Schwarzenegger Don't Support Single Payer?

Anonymous said...

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) causes disease in non-smokers. Workplace bans on smoking are interventions to reduce exposure to ETS to try to prevent harmful health effects. The Irish Government on the 29th March 2004 introduced the first national comprehensive legislation banning smoking in all workplaces including bars and restaurants.

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