Monday, April 23, 2007

More from the Elon Poll

More from the recent Elon Poll is now available. They tackled transfer taxes, the smoking ban and the OLF. Here are the results and some analysis will come later.
Transfer Tax

Support 23.9%
Oppose 68.5%

Transfer Tax if all revenue went towards education

Support 50.3%
Oppose 42.0%

Impact Fees

Support 54.7%
Oppose 36.2%

Statewide Smoking Ban

Support 62.0%
Oppose 33.9%

Whose responsibility should it be to ban smoking?

Government 28.6%
Business Owner 63.9%


Aware 49.4%
Unaware 49.0%


Support 31.7%
Oppose 34.7%

OLF among people who were aware of the issue

Support 29.4%
Oppose 55.4%
Check here for Mark Binker’s thoughts on the poll.

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