Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The North Carolina Poll

What a catchy name!

I've been busy today and now Under the Dome has beat me to a story! Democratic consultant Brad Crone and Republican consultant Chris Sinclair are teaming up to create a monthly poll on North Carolina politics and public policy that will be available to subscribers only. They sent out a preview of the poll this week.

The preview featured questions asked to likely primary voters about the upcoming Gubernatorial primaries. They found that Democrats back Beverly Perdue over Richard Moore, 35% to 29%. And Bill Graham leads the Republican race with 22%, followed by Fred Smith with 21% and Bob Orr with 16%.

It will be interesting to watch this poll. Will this business model work? Will a poll geared towards both parties be thought provoking or will it end up being dull? I'm also interested in what polling company will be making the phone calls.


gregflynn said...

There is a math error in the Bob Crumley results.

11 seems to be a long list. There is no indication these were rotated.

12a-g appear loaded in favor of their clients, NCAR, including the "my family has hit the limit" phrase from the earlier realtors' poll.

In particular 12a and 12c have three statements for one response.

Justin Guillory said...

We could quibble with the language of these questions all day. But overall I think it's pretty even-handed. However, a potential bias (which I will keep an eye on) is on the choice of issues. Obviously, they decided to focus on a tax and spend theme.

We'll see how many questions they ask in the future about the environment or growth or health care.

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