Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Republican Tracking Poll

Complete results here.

24% Thompson
19% Giuliani
10% Romney
9% McCain

25% Smith
17% Graham
7% Orr

Fred Smith is on the move! This is his second consecutive month with significant increases in support. For the first time he is now leading the Republican race for Governor.

17% Daughtridge
12% Folwell


Anonymous said...

What explanation do you think accounts for Fred Smith receiving no support from 18-29 year olds that were polled? He's been all over the state on his North Carolina barbecue tour and I would think at least some people in this age range would voice their support for him.

Tom Jensen said...

Fewer than 20 folks 18-29 responded to the survey so it's too small a sample to mean much. I'm sure Fred Smith has support from people in that age category, although maybe not as many as Bill Graham who has dozens of them on his payroll.

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