Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Presidential Poll

It's been a slow week on the North Carolina polling front but in the spirit of the holiday we'll break down the results of Quinnipiac's national poll on which Presidential candidate respondents would most like to have Thanksgiving dinner with.

Hillary Clinton leads the way for the Democrats with 27% of the vote. Assuming Bill would be coming along for the ride that's quite understandable- possibly two presidents for the price of one.

Barack Obama finishes second with 24% of the vote, but interestingly is the top choice of Republican respondents among the Democratic field. Clinton in facts fall to third on that crosstab with Republicans favoring John Edwards as a dinner guest as well.

On the Republican side Rudy Giuliani is the top choice with John McCain and then Fred Thompson falling behind. Democratic respondents apparently are less willing to break bread with a GOP hopeful than the other way around- the top choice for them is that they wouldn't eat with a Republican candidate.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who finished fifth in the poll, would be my choice. Given his propensity for dieting and healthy eating I know there would be plenty of left overs!

In a somewhat related story, check out this New York Times article about Presidential candidates eating on the campaign trail.

And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Chris said...

Have no fear, the Civitas poll will be out next Wednesday to end the boredom.

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