Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona Governor Poll Preview

We polled Arizona over the weekend and as you might imagine Jan Brewer's signing of a controversial immigration bill last week has helped her in some circles and hurt her in others. Here are a couple key findings and we'll have the full results tomorrow:

-Brewer has seen a significant improvement in her job approval numbers with Republicans. When we looked at the state in September she was under water even with voters of her own party, as 37% of them expressed disapproval of her job performance while only 28% felt she was doing a good job. Now 54% of Republicans approve of her and only 27% disapprove, so she's seen a good deal of improvement on that front, which should be particularly helpful for her prospects of winning nomination for a full term against a crowded field of primary opponents.

-At the same time Democratic candidate Terry Goddard leads Brewer 71-25 with Hispanics. That may seem ho hum, but consider this: Barack Obama only won Hispanic voters in the state by a 56-41 margin. So Goddard's outperforming him by more than 30 points there. And on our September poll Goddard was up just 53-33 with Hispanics so it's a 26 point improvement on the margin even relative to that.

What does it all add up to? Check back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Arizonia Gov Brewer for having the courage to enable local law enforcement to help stop illegals from sneaking into our country & committing horrible crimes, murders, rapes, drug traffic, kidnappings, destroying the southwestern border ranches & land, leaving tons of trash, then draining Americans by expecting us to pay for their education, health care, housing, social security, while they drain our court system. The federal government won't do the job (both Republicans & Democrats) and Obama is a wimp, socialist who doesn't protect us. John McCain allowed Arizonia to become #1 kidnapping meca of the world. Yes, immigrants are welcome, those who enter legally & work, speak English, obey the law, stay off govt handouts & go w/our flow. Congress is 100% to blame.

Anonymous said...

As 24 yr veteran in prosecutor office in Texas, billions of dollars are wasted on illegals sneaking in our country, trying to take over & expect us to pay for their housing, food, medical care, children's education while the crimes-murders, DWI's, rapes, kidnappings, drugs, burglaries....drain & cost the court system so much money. Congress is to blame-both Democrats & Republicans. Congress doesn't enforce the 1986 Immigration Laws & Congress doesn't want to enforce the employment verification. Americans and Governors have to protect their own states because our Federal Govt won't. By the way, 12 million illegals was the number a few decades ago. It's more like 40 million- get real. Ask any law enforcement or prosecutor in southwest U.S. Deport all of these crooks & vote the criminal politicians out of office.

Christian Liberty said...

Governor Brewer absolutely made the right decision signing this law. And Americans will certainly support her.

Nationally 60% of Americans and 62% of Independents support allowing local police to verify immigration status. (Rasmussen Apr 26)

In Arizona, support is even higher. 70% of Arizonan LVs support the law, including 69% of Independents. "73% of voters in Arizona now say gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of these undocumented workers." (Rasmussen Apr 21)

Arizona Republicans are clearly acting according to the will of their constituents, something Democrats would know very little about.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I live in the state of Arizona, not Arizonia. For someone who touts English a necessary prerequisite to citizenship, you're quite the illiterate little shit.

Howdy Folkz said...

I live 15 miles from the Mexican border, I am white, and yet I sad to see this law….I can’t believe you don’t get it….the law means you
1. Have to carry Identification papers and display them upon any request,,,like freed black slaves in the 1800s and the Jews in Germany
2. Anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant can be stopped and questioned….guess that doesn’t mean me but it does mean everyone who is browner than me… that that America in the 21st century?
The police here do not support it…doesn’t that say it all?

This law only works if the police use a racial profile as a method.

And how does this work in face of the fact that as a part of the law that you, as an American citizen, are within your right to refuse to show identification?

GnarlyOne said...

Thanks so much or great courage and leadership. I support your move on illegals 1000%. I hope other states follow suit including her in California.
Australia has set a precedent as well. Hooray, there is hope for us yet.
I see no racial issue here, simply Legal / Illegal - period.
Profiling? I hope so in so much as "If the shoe fits"

Anonymous said...

I wanted to compare the results among Hispanics to your 2008 numbers, since I have the impression that 2008 polls showed Obama doing better among Hispanics in Arizona than he really did. But the link to the full numbers ( broken, as well as the automated redirection. You might want to fix that.

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