Monday, April 5, 2010

Previewing Tomorrow's Polls

We've got Illinois and Pennsylvania on deck this week, starting tomorrow with Senate numbers.

The money finding in Illinois? 36% of Democrats are undecided while only 16% of Republicans are. That would seem to be an indication Democratic voters just don't know what to think with all of the controversy related to Alexi Giannoulias swirling around right now. If those folks come home the party will probably win but if they don't Mark Kirk has a really good chance.

Pennsylvania's another state where it appears to be all about Obama right now. Arlen Specter's up 71 with folks who approve of him. Pat Toomey's up 71 with folks who disapprove of him. Very simply that means if Obama's approval is in positive territory there Specter's winning right now and if his approval is in negative territory there Toomey's winning right now. Which is it? Answers coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

hey.jensen. Don't confuse approval ratings with obama's 2008 voting number.

Stephanie said...

I predict Toomey's up by 8. with surprisingly few undecideds. I hope I'm quite wrong.

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