Monday, April 26, 2010

Previewing Tomorrow's NC Senate Poll

We'll have our North Carolina Senate primary numbers out tomorrow and although it's clearly a two person race at this point, beyond that it's as up in the air as ever. We still find 34% of voters undecided. And out of the 66% who do have a preference, only 60% of them say that preference is set in stone with the other 40% saying they could change their minds between now and next week.

That means on the whole you have 39% of voters with their minds completely made up, 34% who are completely undecided, and 27% who are leaning in a certain way but could go in a different direction. That makes this about the most unpredictable race we've ever polled on a consistent basis. We'll do one final poll next weekend, and we usually feel pretty comfortable saying that whoever leads that last survey is going to be the winner. This is the rare race though where things are so undefined that there really could be a shift between the end of our polling on Sunday and the election on Tuesday so unless someone is out to a double digit lead we're not going to feel real comfortable calling it anything other than a tossup at that point. It's unusual to have an election where voters are this indecisive.

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Anonymous said...

I still think, that Cal will pull this off. There have been a lot of people working the polls here in the Triad, handing out Cal literature. The Survery USA poll, only showed Marshall ahead by 4 points, w/ Cal leading big in the Triad. I guess it will depend on who can get out the vote. I would be more than happy, to vote for ANY DEMOCRAT, over Pro- Wall Street Burr, However, I prefer Cal!!! Looking forward to see the poll!!

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