Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ayotte, Stephen lead NH primaries

Kelly Ayotte has a wide lead for the Republican Senate nomination in New Hampshire. She's currently getting 43% to 19% for Bill Binnie, 11% for Jim Bender, 5% for Ovide Lamontagne, and 1% for Tom Alciere.

There had been some speculation that Ayotte might have some trouble in the primary with more conservative 'Tea Party' voters but she has relatively similar numbers across the ideological spectrum, getting 46% with moderates and 41% with conservatives. Binnie is running second with conservatives at 24% and Bender is second with moderates at 14%.

It's not impossible that Ayotte could lose the primary but she benefits from the size of the Republican field because opposition to her is dispersed among several candidates. She has to be seen as the overwhelming favorite.

In the Republican primary for Governor there are more voters (46%) who are undecided than anything else. John Stephen leads with 29% to 15% for Karen Testerman and 10% for Jack Kimball.

Full results here


Webmaster said...

More terrible news! WE can't stand Ayotte either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

did you poll the congressional districts in NH?

We can pick up both

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