Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bennet expands lead

While the Republican primary for Senate is shaping up closer than expected in Colorado, the Democratic one is going in the other direction. Michael Bennet has now opened up a 15 point lead, 46-31, over Andrew Romanoff as he attempts to win nomination for a full term. That's a 9 point increase in his advantage since leading 40-34 in a March poll of the race.

The key thing for Bennet is that he's winning similar levels of support from liberals, moderates, and conservatives. He has an 18 point lead with moderates, a 15 point one with conservatives, and it stands at 11 points with liberals. Romanoff clearly isn't getting much traction from the left and Bennet's across the board advantage ideologically bodes well for his ability to unite the party around him for the fall if he does indeed win the nomination.

The one group Bennet continues to be weaker with is Hispanics, who are splitting their support evenly between Romanoff and the incumbent right now. Bennet is still making progress on that front though- he trailed by 11 with Hispanics in March.

This race is not over by any means but the momentum is clearly in Bennet's direction.

Full results here


Christian Liberty said...

"The key thing for Bennet is that he's winning similar levels of support from liberals, moderates, and conservatives."

Sounds like Bennett has not been defined by any significant opposition yet. Bennett appears to be a blank slate generic incumbent to many voters.

Alexander Laska said...

Off-topic, but you've GOT to do some polling in Connecticut, now that the NYTimes has released an article about Blumenthal's distorted military record - an article that has been trumpeted by statewide media all over CT. I think it would be interesting to see how the numbers have shifted.

1stProtestinTheStreet said...

You are promoting Michael Bennet again.

Every poll done by any Colorado Democratic website shows Romanoff with around 84% and Bennet with only about 16% SEE the POLL on http://AM760.net

Bennet Lost in the Democratic Caucus.

Bennet Lost in the County Assemblies phase by a larger margin. Bennet Won ONLY 3 Colorado Counties.

On Saturday everyone expects Bennet to get trounced in the Democratic State Convention.

Andrew Romanoff is the experienced and trusted Democrat WE want for US Senator.

Bennet has no political history. WE just do not trust him.

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