Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sheheen leads for Dems in SC

Vincent Sheheen has the lead in the Democratic primary for Governor of South Carolina over Jim Rex, but third candidate Robert Ford is pulling enough support at this point that Sheheen would not likely get the 50% needed to avoid a runoff if the election was being held today.

Sheheen's at 36% with Rex at 30% and Ford getting 11%. The race is highly susceptible to change in the closing stretch because the candidates just aren't well known at all, even to the small pool of voters who make up the electorate in a Democratic primary. 57% have no opinion one way or the other about Sheheen with 31% seeing him positively and 11% negatively. Even after a term in statewide office Rex is almost equally anonymous. 53% are ambivalent toward him, with 29% seeing him favorably and 19% unfavorably.

Interestingly Sheheen has large leads with both liberals and conservatives, while Rex has the upper hand with moderates. Sheheen's up two points with whites and nine points with African Americans.

This has been a very sleepy race so far- we'll see what happens when (or if) the voters ever wake up and start really paying attention.

Full results here

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