Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama's numbers hit high mark

For the first time since October a majority of Americans express approval of Barack Obama's job performance on PPP's monthly national poll. 50% give him good marks to 46% who disapprove.

Obama's numbers with Democrats are basically steady and he remains very popular within his own party at an 83% approval rating. The movement since last month has come with Republicans and independents. Although he remains very unpopular with GOP voters, the 14% who approve of him this month represent an improvement from 10% in April. Independents are almost evenly divided on how he's doing with 46% giving him good marks and 47% poor ones. A month ago it was a 41/45 spread against him.

Obama's numbers saw a significant downward trend during the health care debate and with that issue in the rear view mirror he seems to be regaining at least a little bit of his support across party lines. It's not that voters have changed their minds on the bill- the 49/43 spread against it now is nearly identical to the 49/45 spread against it right before the vote was taken. But it no longer seems to be near the top of voters' minds when evaluating Obama and his numbers do finally seem to be seeing some improvement as a result.

If Obama's numbers stay in this range he probably won't give Democratic candidates a big assist this fall, but he won't be a huge liability either.

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Anonymous said...

There is a flaw I've found in this poll. Obama does not have a higher approval rating with men than women.

Dustin Ingalls said...

Considering the margin of error, which is even higher in smaller samples split by gender, there is little difference between 51-47 among men and 49-46 among women--a 3-point versus a 4-point margin. More women are unsure.

wt said...

50% is not a majority.

Anonymous said...

We still back out POTUS he is doing a wonderful job, such a caring a brilliant man. Took Bush 8yrs to drive this country into the ground, and Obama i working hard to bring us back. Ty Mr, President.

Christian Liberty said...

Obama has made more mistakes in one year than Bush made in 8... and has done more to burden America with debt and economic paralysis in one year than Bush had in 8. A third Bush term would be far preferable to any more time under this disaster.

Obama is working hard to DESTROY America. Anything Republicans can do to oppose him is much appreciated.

Christian Liberty said...

Obama has openly called the private sector "the enemy". Obama is delusional at best, but more likely just plain evil. An immoral thug is occupying the White House and all moral people must do their best to remove him as soon and as resoundingly as possible.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that someone who obviously thinks of themselves as a Christian would post such an obviously unchristian, hate-filled diatribe of a man who they have never met. "Another 8 years of Bush" (untold deaths in Iraq, millions displaced from their homeland, people tortured, and imprisoned without basic human rights vs. someone trying to get universal health care for his citizens). Lost me on that one.

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