Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whitman up big as well

Some polls have shown the race for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in California tightening in recent days but PPP still finds Meg Whitman with a broad advantage over Steve Poizner, 51-26. 11% say they'll vote for one of the minor candidates in the race and 12% continue to be undecided.

The primary for Governor has proven to be much more polarizing than the one for Senate, as Whitman's supporters strongly dislike Poizner and Poizner's supporters strongly dislike Whitman. The ramifications of that division will be seen in general election polling to be released later this week, which shows the GOP with a much better chance in the Senate race than in the one for Governor.

50% of primary voters have a favorable opinion of Whitman to 24% with a negative one. Among Poizner voters though 58% see Whitman unfavorably to only 20% who do positively.

Poizner is seen favorably by just 26% of primary voters to 44% with a negative opinion of him. That's because his favorability rating with Whitman voters is a remarkably bad 8/71 spread.

If the Republicans are going to have any chance of beating Jerry Brown this fall there's going to need to be some serious healing after the primary. The favorability numbers Poizner and Whitman have with each other's voters look more like what you would find in a general election than in a primary.

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