Monday, May 7, 2007

Fred Thompson makes a splash in NC primary poll

According to our latest survey prospective Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson would make a good showing in the North Carolina Republican primary. We included Thompson for the first time in our monthly primary tracking poll. Click here for complete results. Continue reading for the shorthand version:

Republican President

Giuliani 32%
Thompson 25%
McCain 16%
Romney 13%
Different candidate 13%

Democratic President

Edwards 33%
Clinton 27%
Obama 20%

I also found it interesting that now 48% of Democratic primary voters in North Carolina pick the War in Iraq as the most important issue. That’s up from 41% last month. More results:

Democratic Governor

Perdue 35%
Moore 29%

Republican Governor

Graham 21%
Orr 13%
Smith 9%

Democratic Lt. Governor

Dalton 10%
Smathers 10%
Besse 9%
Dellinger 9%

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Anonymous said...

YaaaaY Edwards!!

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