Friday, May 4, 2007

Wake County Schools: Bond in 2007?

In light of yesterday’s ruling by Superior Court Judge Howard Manning against mandatory year-round schools in Wake County I thought I would remind everyone of a poll we took back in January (PDF).

If Wake County cannot ease its school overcrowding problems with year-round schools the School Board and County Commissioners might be pressured to put another bond referendum on the ballot this year. Wake County approved a $970 million bond just last year.

In January we asked Wake County voters if they would be willing to vote for another billion dollar school bond in 2007. The results show that such a bond would fail miserably, 26%-68%. Of course, that was less than 3 months after the last bond referendum, and in response to Judge Manning’s decision the school crisis might make people more willing to support another bond this.

The conclusion from our January poll was that voters wanted to wait until at least 2008 for another bond.

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