Monday, May 28, 2007

Media Critics Corner

For whatever reason the Associated Press has been reluctant to write about or cite our poll results in their articles. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because we are a Democratic polling firm or our IVR methodology. But I think they are missing out, especially because the other major print and television outlets in North Carolina don’t seem to have any problem publishing our results.

Here is an example where they missed out:

In an article last week concerning Brad Miller contemplating running against Elizabeth Dole they cited the Elon Poll for Senator Dole’s approval rating. However, they misrepresented the data, saying the rating was among “North Carolina voters” when, in fact, the poll was of all adults not just voters.

That Elon Poll was also conducted in mid-April. Only a week and a half ago, PPP released a poll with an approval rating of Senator Dole among likely voters. In my opinion, our results were more timely and more relevant to the article.


Will Cubbison said...

There is also the fact that your poll done before the Elon poll is the only poll we have for Dole v Miller.

I dont respect any reporter that uses Elon Polls to talk about elections.

Will Cubbison said...

PS- Carter Wrenn's take at talking about politics on your last presidential poll questions (more likely v less likely) is just as unimpressive as the media reports about it.

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