Monday, May 14, 2007

N&O takes on the Civitas Poll

Ryan Teague Beckwith at the Under the Dome Blog takes the Civitas Institute to task for loaded question wording. It's hard to argue with him on this question:
"The state is preparing to spend most of the $300 million in temporary taxes on more than 100 special interest projects, such as a drag racing hall of fame, a study of the horse industry in North Carolina and subsidizing a private culinary school. Do you support or oppose these expenditures?"

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Will Cubbison said...

This isnt a new tactic by Civitas. Im glad PPP publishes the questions that are actually used, instead of Civitas, which on almost every issue question (from what I have seen) they ask a different question than they report in their results.

The big question here, which some other people have already asked, is why the N & O continues to report on Civitas polls as if they are non-partisan and scientifically valid.

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