Monday, May 3, 2010

Previewing Kentucky

After crunching the results on our Kentucky poll, I'm beginning to wonder if all Republicans running for office this year are 'Tea Party' candidates. Rand Paul's supposed to be the 'Tea Party' candidate in the GOP race for Senate there, and 79% of his supporters say they support the goals of the movement. But so do 67% of the folks planning to vote for Trey Grayson. And when it comes to personally identifying as a member of the 'Tea Party' movement there's no difference between Grayson and Paul's supporters. 29% of the folks planning to vote for each of them claim membership in the 'Tea Party.'

Kind of makes you wonder if it really means anything to be a 'Tea Party' candidate or if that's just a vacuous appellation. Either way we'll have these numbers out tomorrow, and suffice it to say they diverge a little bit from the internal numbers Trey Grayson's camp was claiming today.


Unknown said...

You can't designate someone as a tea party candidate since every state has a number of different tea party groups who might endorse different candidates or no one. In Texas more tea party members voted for Perry, not the person the media designated tea party candidate.

Christian Liberty said...
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Christian Liberty said...

"Kind of makes you wonder if it really means anything to be a 'Tea Party' candidate"

What really means something important is whether you treat constituents RESPECTFULLY or not. Republicans have treated Tea Parties respectfully. Democrats have treated Tea Parties disdainfully.

Fox has treated Tea Parties respectfully and reported on them objectively. MSNBC and CNN and other leftist media has treated Tea Parties disdainfully and used bias coverage, childish pejoratives, and phony charges to attempt to minimize, ridicule, or smear the Tea Parties.

For the past year, the Democrat party and the leftist establishment media (the Democrat-Media Complex) has been acting like Gordon Brown (calling his own constituent a "bigoted woman"). And Democrats wonder why they are going to lose? (and going to lose badly!!)

Gordon Brown's Astonishing Gaffe

The Left loses its way by abandoning 'third way'

If you want to sum up why the Democrats are losing so badly, just realize that the Democrats have been insulting their own constituents for more than a year straight... instead of actually listening to and representing them.

dan fitzgerald said...

So the news stories this week on the Grayson campaign will be 1) Lied to Dobson, 2) Lied about his polling, and 3) continued to lie about Rand Paul. He's also floating a rumor that McConnell will endorse him, so that story will either be about Grayson lying about the endorsement, or McConnell lying when he said he was going to stay out of it.

Anonymous said...

This was kind of cute with respect to the Grayson campaign.

Anonymous said...

The Ron Paul Tea Party

From the one who started it all, we start anew in 2012.

Moe Lane said...

It's shorthand for "Won't vote for a candidate who plans to spend like a Democrat."

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