Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daily Kos readership unleashed

The Daily Kos community is so huge and active that diaries can really create long and thoughtful conversations about any political issue. Our two latest polls got the Daily Kos treatment and the results are some pretty interesting discussions of Tar Heel politics...

North Carolina Presidential Primary Poll, May 1-3, 2007
New Poll NC Prez Dem 47 Rep 42 Update (posted by PPP's favorite blog reader: Blue South)

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Will Cubbison said...

The writer of the other kos diary asked the question, "why split the data up by area code?"

My thought was just that it is easier since you are dealing with IVR, but I know you pull your lists from voter records, so why not congressional districts? The other writer seemed upset by it for some reason, to me it really doesnt matter, since a cross tab is a crosstab, but it has made me curious.

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