Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ACC Loyalty Poll: the Basics

Which North Carolina college team do you cheer for most?

NC State 31
UNC 23
Duke 17
Wake 4
Other 25

NC State is the most popular ACC school among likely voters in the Triangle, according to our newest poll. This is likely due to the fact that around 2/3rds of the region's population is in Wake County.

Here is the data broken out county by county:


Duke 34
UNC 32
State 5

Duke has difficulty registering as the most popular school even in its own county, just barely edging out UNC. Of course many UNC faculty and staff members live in Durham County now due to the rising cost of housing in Orange County.


UNC 48
Duke 19
State 6

UNC has a higher percentage of support from respondents in its own county than either Duke or NC State does. State's 6% showing in Orange County combined with its 5% showing in Durham County shows that it has little Triangle wide support even as it leads overall.


State 45
UNC 16
Duke 11

State has strong support in its home base. UNC's showing is surprisingly low.

It is worth noting also that we asked this question on a statewide basis for a poll in April. The the numbers were:

UNC 35
State 26
Duke 18
Wake 5
Other 16

Full results of this week's poll here.

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