Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Kos: North Carolina Senate Poll

Daily Kos commissioned a poll on the North Carolina Senate race. It was conducted by Research 2000 Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights so it's actually a little fresher than the Senate numbers we released on Monday.

It had Elizabeth Dole's favorable rating at 46-38, which is actually the exact same number we found in our poll. (And also why the way we conduct our polls is as solid as the ones that are a heck of a lot more expensive to do :))

In the possible matchups they have Dole leading Kay Hagan 46-39 and leading Jim Neal 47-37. The level of support they're showing for Hagan and Neal is the same as it was in our poll but we had Dole performing a little better- 51-39 against Hagan and 52-37 against Neal. Of course I hope their poll is more correct than ours on that front.

The poll also shows the President's approval/disapproval rating at 42/57. Not so hot for him.

Check out their full poll results here.

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