Monday, December 17, 2007

General Election Poll: Senate

Elizabeth Dole crosses the 50% mark for the first time in potential matchups with Kay Hagan and Jim Neal, according to our most recent poll. Her approval rating remains below 50 though, at 46%.

Elizabeth Dole approval:

Approve 46
Disapprove 38
Not sure 16

Dole's approval rating is the highest it's been in a PPP survey since August.

Potential matchups:

Dole 51
Hagan 39

Dole 52
Neal 37

Since announcing their candidacies Neal and Hagan have largely focused their time on fundraising and reaching out to core Democratic groups and constituencies that are important for winning the primary. These things are important but wouldn't translate into increased support in a poll testing general election matchups. Although Dole's going over 50% should certainly be a cause of concern for their campaigns there's no need to panic at this point, as long as they start building up their visibility to the public at large soon.

Full results here.

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