Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Republican Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

Lieutenant Governor:

Greg Dority 16
Robert Pittenger 15
Undecided 69

In the first poll for the Republican Lieutenant Governor primary former Congressional candidate Greg Dority holds a small lead on state senator Robert Pittenger. Each candidate shows a strong regional base. Pittenger is supported by 44% of Charlotte area respondents, while Dority has a double digit lead in eastern North Carolina where he ran against GK Butterfield in 2004.


Bill Daughtridge 15
Dale Folwell 12
Undecided 72

Daughtridge leads every region of the state except the Triad, where Folwell represents Forsyth County in the legislature. Daughtridge's showing is strongest in his native NE North Carolina.

Full results here

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Anonymous said...

Daughtridge is using ''Darth'' Shumaker, the consultant and central stategist of the Morganite rebellion, when a small group of opportunists sold out the House GOP caucas to place real power in Democrat hands in an equally divided House. Personally I would not vote for any ''Republican'' who uses Shumaker. Using Shumaker is a good indication that they are no more of a real Republican than was Richard Morgan. Although I have held many offices in the GOP, I will vote for a Libertarian or Democrat before the type of phony who would use Shumaker.

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