Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PPP a Republican company?

I think someone over at The Conservative Voice might have had a little too much eggnog to drink yesterday.

In an article about the GOP gubernatorial primary, Jim Kouri copies a bunch of numbers from our tracking poll earlier this month and says they were from 'a recent Republican Party tracking poll.'

Considering all the flak we get for our Democratic clients I'm not sure whether to be honored or bewildered or what at being mistaken as a Republican outfit.

That's not all though.

Kouri then goes on to quote another post I wrote earlier this month about how Fred Smith's rise in the polls coincided almost exactly with the launch of his statewide BBQ tour.

No problem with that, except he attributes it to 'North Carolina political observer and blogger Lorie Byrd.' I 'd never heard of this woman but I googled her and she came up as being a columnist for That's, um, not a site I think I would contribute to.

I guess the folks over at the Conservative Voice being a little whacked is not exactly a new development...

Thank you to the alert reader who made me aware of this whole thing.

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