Monday, December 17, 2007

General Election Poll: the crosstabs

-John Edwards' strength comes from receiving higher level of support among both Democratic and Republican respondents. Edwards gets the support of 79-85% of Democrats against each potential opponent while Clinton gets 73-77% and Obama gets 69-73%. Obviously no Democrat is going to win for president in North Carolina without getting the vast majority of votes from his/her party.

Edwards gets the support of 12 to 15% of Republican voters against his possible foes. That's not a lot but it's better than the 9-13% that Obama carries and the minuscule 4-7% showing among Republicans that Hillary Clinton has. Even a little crossover support is what it could take for a Democrat to carry North Carolina for the first time in 32 years.

-In all of the races Democrats perform strongly in the Triangle, Triad, and Northeastern North Carolina while the Republicans do better in the Mountains, Charlotte area, and Southeastern North Carolina.

Full results here.

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