Monday, December 10, 2007

A poll Paul does well in

Last month when we put out our tracking poll the Ron Paul people came after us for not including him. They e-mailed us, they called us, they left a comment on our blog saying he was the 'only real Republican.'

So we added him and he received strong support...from no one. He managed the support of 3% of respondents.

He did win one North Carolina poll last week though. Under the Dome reports that his supporters flooded the Wake County Young Republicans Christmas party and managed to deliver him a victory in their straw poll with the support of 53% of those present.

So we know they can put banners on highway overpasses, put up a lot of signs, and turn out in force for a straw poll.

But as of yet that stuff hasn't done much to move him forward in the broader polls.


Jb said...

Fear not: the Ron Paul blimp will change all of that and soon

Anonymous said...

Yes, a blimp, the secret weapon of modern political campaigns. Ha ha.

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