Friday, December 14, 2007

McCrory's poll

Pat McCrory is so new to the possibility of joining the Governor's race, he doesn't even know who he's running against!

He released an internal poll yesterday that showed him leading Bev Perdue in a potential general election matchup, 39-36.

The interesting part of the poll though was that it showed Dennis Nielsen getting 4% of the vote as an independent candidate.

The problem is that Nielsen is seeking the Democratic nomination.

I think McCrory is the Republicans' best shot at regaining the Governor's mansion, although winning the primary will be tough.

But things like not even knowing what the field looks like for the race is just another indication that his Charlotte-centered mentality and seeming inattention to the rest of the state could be tough to overcome.

BTW, one reason that McCrory is regarded as such a strong contender is that he has earned a lot of crossover support from Democrats at the polls during his time as Mayor. I don't know if that will translate to a gubernatorial race or not. But read this Charlotte Observer editorial and then tell me how good he would be at working with a Democratic legislature. The Capital Press Corps would have a field day for four years with all that bickering.

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Anonymous said...

The poll also erroneously spelled Nielsen's last name as Neilson.

What do you think about the news release regarding the internal poll not mentioning the percentages the Republican candidates for governor received? McCrory's percentages from the poll measuring his support against gubernatorial candidates in a general election are mentioned. Could this be that McCrory had a very slim lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary according to the poll?

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