Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Republican Tracking Poll: President


Mike Huckabee 33
Rudy Giuliani 17
Fred Thompson 16
Mitt Romney 9
John McCain 8
Ron Paul 3
Undecided 10
Other 3

After leading PPP's monthly polls since June, Fred Thompson fell to third while Mike Huckabee took a strong lead on the day before a major North Carolina fundraiser.

North Carolina Republican primary voters are conservative and want a fellow southern conservative to support for President. Initially they were strongly supportive of Thompson but his support declined each month after he officially announced his candidacy. The better voters got to know him the less they liked him. Huckabee has filled that void as a southern conservative North Carolina Republicans think they can support.

Huckabee's strong performance comes the day before a well publicized Greensboro fundraiser, which could be one contributor to his support. His margin over Giuliani is greatest in the Triad.

Full results here


John said...

Thanks for posting this. Mike Huckabee's support is skyrocketing. He's now:
1st in IA,
1st in NC,
2nd in TX,
2nd in FL,
2nd/3rd in NH, and
1st in the Nation (rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll, 12/5).

He's quickly becoming the consensus candidate. It will be interesting to see if he's able to step into celebrity status over the next several months. I believe he has that potential. In some ways, he's definitely Reaganesque.

"Give Hope Another Chance"

Anonymous said...

I didn't know who to vote for and was very disappointed in what we had to go against Clinton. As an independant who could vote either way it is very refreshing to see someone whom you can say you feel good about voting for. At this point in time, Mike Huckabee has my vote even if he is from Arkansas. I hope sir that you continue to let others spread the filth and lies, only make corrections to those issues that mislead and remember that the people don't want to hear what others have done but what you will do. I wish you well and may God be with you. Perhaps we can once again have some form of morality in this country's leadership. It would also be good to have a government for the majority and not have the non-moral minority pushing things their way.

I guess that is really our fault though. If we don't vote, we have no voice.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mike's attempt to help Rudy on the Bible question was condescending. I do not want a preacher of the United States. I want a president. If we go by religious values alone, Jimmy Carter beats Regan hands down. Mike appears to be a nice guy, so does Jimmy Carter. Google Huckabee and ethics or Huckabee and Jesus juice.

A Baptist minister, Huckabee singled out Holt, also a Christian. Said the governor: "I drink a different kind of Jesus juice."

I am not a Huckabee basher, but he is not presidential caliber. My first choice is Newt Gingrich (possibly someones VP?),coming in second are Romney and Tancredo.

Those who want Huckabee because they drink his kind of "Jesus juice" really need to look beyond that. Do your own real homework and do not be taken in by this guy.
Shakespeare said it best "politics makes strange bedfellows" The media wants to use Huckabee to stop Romney so they can have an all New York (including NY values) contest, just like they drool over a Yankees-Mets series. Wake up or you get Guliani.

Steven M Nielson said...

Rayfinn - "I am not a Huckabee basher"

Yeah... Your comment sure backs up that fact. All you DID was bash Huckabee.

Listen... Romney has no national appeal. There is a reason why Romney has not been able to break 10-11% nationally... Because he is a flip-flop-flipper, adn the American people see right through him.

Huckabee has made mistakes, but he has always owned them and moved on. He is intelligent and articulate... a real person. Yes, he used to be a Preacher, and his faith defines him, but he has already shown in 10+ years as Governor of Arkansas that he does not push his faith down the throats of others. He is logical and willing to reason with the everyday citizen, not JUST the Republican.

Anonymous said...

please go to

Please do not be fooled by his "aw shucks" demeanor. I am a Christian, and on the cover Huckabee appear appears to be a near-perfect candidate, but when doing further research it is clear that his nice guy approach has fooled both sides of the spectrum and America as a whole.

If Mike gets the nomination, his bad record on taxes and ethics will come out, and he will get crushed by the Hillary-bought-and-paid-for-media.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this has anything to do with huckabee's latest endorsement: Huckabee Endorsed

Beth Anne said...

If your voting Republician and NOT for Mike Huckabee, then don't even vote at all. Republician's stand for conservative beliefs. Last time I checked(McCain) that doesn't include belief in evolution. Mike's all that's left, preacher or not. And for Rafia or whoever you are, just go ahead and vote Democrap..oops democrat,because your comments are not helping us republicians at all.

Beth Anne said...


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