Friday, June 6, 2008

Good for Jim Neal

Jim Neal has been about as gracious a loser as you could ever ask for since the Senate primary. Almost immediately once the votes were in he enthusiastically got behind Kay Hagan and pledged to do anything he could to help her get elected. He's shown that he really meant it over the last month by making numerous positive statements about Hagan, and he reports over at BlueNC that he's even hosting a fund raiser for her.

Richard Moore should take a lesson, sooner than later. Bev Perdue is in pretty good shape, but some of the interests that supported Moore in the primary could conceivably move toward Pat McCrory, and if Moore is a good Democrat he'll do what he can to stop that from happening.

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Anonymous said...


One news for you.

Obama will return to the campaign trail Monday, kicking off his two-week economic tour in Raleigh, North Carolina.

NC is clearly in play for november.

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