Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rasmussen: Senate

Elizabeth Dole's ad campaign is taking a bit of a toll on Kay Hagan, as Dole is back up to a 53-39 lead after the previous Rasmussen poll showed Hagan with a one point lead.

I'm not surprised that Dole's favorable/unfavorable has improved to 62/33 from 56/38 in the last poll given that her ads have presented her in quite a positive light. But I do find it a little surprising, given that Hagan hasn't been attacked or anything, that her numbers have declined from 53/30 to 45/32. I imagine that can mostly be chalked up to sampling error.

It'll be interesting to see a) how long Dole stays on the air and b) how quickly Hagan can get back on.

The Dole campaign has consistently attacked automated polling, so I expect we won't hear much gloating from them on this one.

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